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Le Moulin De Taroudant – food/dine/accommodation
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“I have created this bubbling exclusive boutique hotel for trendy guests who like
to be in historical surroundings with all the comfort of a high-end luxury hotel
with personalized dedicated food and service”

- Jean Batiste, creator of Le Moulin de Taroudannt

Enjoy a unique environment

Thanks to the brightness and exposure of this authentic hotel to the sun all day until 8 p.m., Le Moulin De Taroudant is a small, calm oasis in the midst of the bustle of downtown Taroudant.

Specialties adapted to your tastes

Enjoy a menu of Moroccan specialties such as tagine of kid, beef or chicken, Couscous, pastilla and Tangia. Our restaurant also offers a wide selection of snacks such as kebabs, fries and Moroccan salads.

Enjoy a taste of Le Moulin 

Enjoy a great selection

Le Moulin De Taroudant also offers you a large selection of very interesting activities to do in the surrounding regions. The Taroudant region offers you fabulous landscapes such as palm groves, the Anit-Atlas mountains as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

top of the range

Each of the 6 rooms and suites of Le Moulin has its own private terrace, you can both relax, read a book or sunbathe. The Swimming pool is entirely reserved for hotel.